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Hospitals, treatment centers, along with other health-related settings have been our go-to's when it comes to health problems. It is those medical professionals that offer us with information and facts regarding our overall health and at the same time look for cures for every sickness they find.

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One skilled professional whom people often make contact with is the phlebotomy technician, also called phlebotomist. Their main duty is to collect liquid blood samples, label them, and deliver them to the laboratory for screening. They are often found in private hospitals, clinics, laboratories, blood donations centers, and other health care settings where their expertise is very much needed.

For a phlebotomy technician to properly achieve blood drawing procedures, he must be accurate and skilled enough. They're also required to be great in dealing with patients especially that many of them feel not comfortable and normally panic. You wouldn't want to spoil the liquid blood samples, therefore it is essential that you label them appropriately. It is needed that they present a documentation of all the blood samples they have taken for quick traceability. They are also capable of performing clerical duties that include writing down blood draw requests and responding to calls. These are big-time responsibilities that each phlebotomist should prepare for.

How can I actually be eligible to execute a phlebotomist's work? To get certified, you may take in any accredited phlebotomy training curriculum although obtaining a certification is not mandated by law. In Connecticut, most healthcare facilities choose just those with credentials, therefore it pays not to be complacent. Even in Connecticut, they need their technicians to be licensed in order to acquire legal work within the state.

A phlebotomy training curriculum is a requirement before being able to get certified. It is the program's goal to offer in-depth schooling and rigorous hands-on training in order to prepare the learners for their future jobs. In Connecticut, a lot of community schools and privately owned training centers provide a 10-week program to those people who are showing an interest. General topics needed for the career contain blood collection procedures, Human Body, CPR management, Physiology, medical terminology, and patient communication principles.

Being a certified phlebotomist is a plus if you plan to improve your market value and salary. There is tough competition out there, and your certificate will probably be your best possession. Phlebotomists in Connecticut is known to receive a yearly salary of $25,000 - $30,000 which is pretty good as a living. Through perseverance and hardwork, you get to improve your marketability and is more apt to promotions. Therefore, phlebotomy is a great career path for those who want a satisfying job with high employment rate. Just be sure that you have what it takes to say yes to a few challenge and responsibility as this is exactly what the job is made from.

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