Phlebotomy Salary in West Virginia

West Virginia

The phlebotomy job has grown to be among the many fastest-rising careers in the medical field at present. Many people have been curious about what it is and the way to become a part of it mainly because of many job opportunities. In phlebotomy, an individual has to take control in collecting blood specimens from individuals, labeling them correctly, and then transporting them to the laboratory for testing; and this qualified professional is known as a phlebotomist. This position stringently looks for those individuals trained enough to conduct the job properly and successfully.

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Flexibility comes a long way because when it comes to phlebotomy technicians, business employers are pleased with the way they handle their jobs wherever they might be: in clinics, private hospitals, doctor's offices, laboratories, and blood donation centers. In the state of West Virginia alone, major openings for the phlebotomist position have been presented to everyone, especially that they need to have technicians that will cover three shifts. According to the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP), phlebotomist salary is at around $13 hourly. In West Virginia, it was even disclosed that these professional people make money around the range of $22,000 - $30,000 every year.

The calculation of a phlebotomist salary depends on many variables: working experience, qualifications, and the kind of employer. It cannot be contended that as years in service increase, technical capabilities can also increase since it is in experience that you learn most of the job's lessons. The pay that a phlebotomy technician typically gets during his early years (say 0-5) is at $18,700 to $23,000 annually. As years of service increases (five to nine years), pay will go approximately $28,000 to $33,000 and may still increase considerably, making higher than $38,000 for a work of 10-19 years. These numbers are according to PayScale data on West Virginia.

Several medical facilities involve different phlebotomist salary offers. Getting liquid blood samples from homebound individuals by being an on-call technician carries a different rate from those people who do not perform such. Independent labs are acknowledged to be favorable in their employment offers as compared with other medical centers like hospitals and clinics. A different sort of rate also goes along with a job that is part-time or full-time, thus technicians should consider this in opting for the type of setting that they want for their profession.

What goes along with the job opportunities is tons of competition, therefore there's a need to be hostile and be a stride ahead. To realize this, you have to ensure that you get licensed by having an accredited phlebotomy training program and passing a nationwide board examination. Despite certification not being a requisite, everybody is strongly encouraged to secure a license so as to enjoy much better career opportunities as well as higher pay. The name of Certified Phlebotomy Technician or Registered Phlebotomy Technician alone is already sufficient reward for all the hard works and sacrifices made in getting there.

Attaining so much attention from employers today, it wouldn't be contended that the phlebotomy career is becoming one of the fastest-rising careers. And in order for you to get the coveted position, remember to secure all the credentials through proper instruction and certification.

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