Phlebotomy Salary in Virginia


It is the key job of a phlebotomy technician to get blood specimens from individuals using a number of techniques such as capillary puncture, arterial puncture, and venipuncture. In order for testing to start, they're also responsible with the transfer of such samples to the laboratory. This position has actually been gaining lots of attention from hiring managers today, which explains why increasing numbers of people are considering makinga profession out of it. But first, you have to condition yourself that there are several steps and obstacles to be hurdled first prior to finally getting the wanted outputs - worthwhile job and steady salary.

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Tasks for this kind of jobs deviate, as you can be asked to work in labs, doctor's offices, hospitals, blood donation centers, or nursing homes. Any health care professional goes through a 3-shift timetable, and phlebotomy technicians aren't exemptions from this especially those assigned in health care centers around the Virginia area. As shown by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP), phlebotomist salary is playing around the sum of $13 per hour. So for those technicians living in the Virginia area, they usually get an annual compensation ranging from $22,000 to $30,000 after taxation.

The salary that each phlebotomist will be getting is determined by the following: credentials earned, experiences accomplished, and the type of center hiring. It is a fact that through time, a person becomes more knowledgeable and skilled especially for phlebotomists as they go through different kinds of medical cases everyday. For individuals who are just starting off, be expecting a salary that is approximately $18,700 to $23,000 yearly. When you attain 5-9 years in service, you will now be graced with a bigger salary reaching approximately $33,000. So for those with long time spent service in a city like Virginia, say 10-19, higher rate is involved at approximately $38,000.

Basis for a phlebotomist salary is also a factor of the kind of employer. As an example, independent labs are seen to offer more salary and benefits as compared to hospitals. There is also a change in rate relating to technicians who work on-call to get blood from people who are homebound. Based on their availability and requirements, they may opt to engage in a part-time or full-time position where of course rate differs, especially if a shifting timetable is involved.

What goes along with the job opportunities is tough competition, therefore there is a need to be hostile and be a stride ahead. To ensure this, you must graduate from a good phlebotomy training course and get certified immediately after passing a licensing test. In order to get a good amount of wage and a quality job from a first-class employer, aim to get certified although this may not be a requirement. Having a license under your name stating Certified Phlebotomy Technician or Registered Phlebotomy Technician will always be an evidence of how you have worked hard to reach your position right now.

This is doubtlessly an occupation which is sought after today, worldwide. And in cases like this, the race to becoming employed will never be that simple. Hence, it's your choice hopefuls on how to remain on top of the hunt.

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