Phlebotomy Certification in College Park, MD

Phlebotomists are the ones who are experts in collecting blood samples from people for examination in labs. This blood sample regardless of how small ascertains how the body has been doing; therefore this process is greatly crucial in getting accurate information about any person's health. Because of its utmost importance, the job needs accurate and correct drawing of blood samples without injuring patients in any way. It's also part of a phlebotomist's job to properly label the samples in order to avoid confusion and mixing up which is a fatal error in this kind of occupation.

Being not a requirement in most states, certification isn't that big of a deal ever again with regards to phlebotomy; because there are states who are already satisfied with their phlebotomist without having a license so long as he is a graduate of a training program. You may also find cities like College Park as one of those who hire people with no proper training at all, believing that skills can be gleaned and developed on-site as time goes by. However, a number of states such as Maryland are really particular with the quality of any health care professional; this is why they are strict when it comes to employing phlebotomists, allowing solely those with proper certification.

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For you to finally get that elusive phlebotomy certification, it's the job of the candidate to select one certifying body that will offer him this by completing the requirements. The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP), American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians (ASPT), and American Medical Technologists (AMT) are among the several certifying bodies which grant certification to those people who are deserving. For you to maintain the standard of excellence, each body has laid out certain set of qualifications which will help attain this goal.

As required for certification by ASCP, a novice candidate needs to be a highschool graduate, able to conduct 100 cases of successful blood collections, accomplished 40 hours of classroom sessions, and practiced 120 hours of rigid laboratory exercises.. APT has their own set of requirements too which include being a part of the APT roster, a graduate of a phlebotomy training program, and completion of 100 exceptional venipunctures and 5 successful skin punctures. People who have practiced the phlebotomy profession for at least 12 months have entitlement to immediate certification given by certifying bodies just like NPA. For inexperienced candidates, certification is given upon completion of a training course consists of classroom sessions (160 hours) and laboratory hands-on training.

It can be noticed that awarding of phlebotomy certification has one common prerequisite which is the completion of an accredited phlebotomy training program. This training course is responsible for providing basic and complex phlebotomy understanding through classroom lectures, and apply those to actual scenarios during laboratory exercises. College Park holds the record for the most number of community colleges and training centers available within an area. Normally, training reaches around twelve weeks and training costs are dependent on the kind of program every school offers. Inclusive of textbooks, questionnaires, and clinical fees, the regular rate for a 12-week training applied in College Park is $1,000.

What comes with the increasing demand for phlebotomists is tougher competition, thus it is extremely important that you obtain a license to have good chances of landing a job.

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