Phlebotomy Salary in Houston, TX

With the current interest on phlebotomists today, there is no denying that the line of work is continuing to grow greatly. Because of the eye it is getting, the phlebotomy job has gradually began to draw several interests from the student populace. For the information of everyone, a phlebotomy technician is an intrinsic member of the laboratory team because he is in charge of taking liquid blood samples from sufferers, labeling them, and delivering the samples to the laboratory for testing and analysis. Because life is at stake here, companies be sure that their phlebotomists ought to be of fine quality and are also highly-skilled individuals.

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Phlebotomy technicians who have been in demand by employers these days can choose to work in numerous medical settings may it be clinics, blood donation facilities, medical centers, or labs. Technicians typically work in a shifting schedule (three shifts) and in Texas, they're having a problem filling out the manning team that is why many openings are available to those people who are serious in taking up. The phlebotomist salary is around at $13 an hour, as verified by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP). So for Houston, most phlebotomists earn a fair amount of cash playing in a number between $22,000 and $30,000 every year.

The phlebotomist salary is strongly based on many variables which include credentials, valuable working experience, and the kind of medical center employing. However as you render more years in the phlebotomy world, you become more geared up and educated because practical experience will always be the best teacher. Technicians new at all to the area is usually offered a starting salary between $18,700 and $23,000. Technicians normally expect a small increase when they hit 5 to 9 years, and this is true as they will now be receiving an average annual compensation of $28,000 to $33,000. So for a city like Houston, people with 10-19 years of professionalism in their sleeves obtain over $38,000.

Basis for a phlebotomist salary is also a consideration of the type of employer. Private labs usually offer higher compensation than hospital jobs. Additionally, those technicians who are on call to collect blood samples from homebased patients get a different rate. Open slots may either be in a full-time or part-time position which might involve a shifting hours or not; and technicians have the liberty to pick from these options.

What comes along with the job opportunities is lots of competition, therefore there is a need to be aggressive and be one step ahead. And by this we mean getting a certification after accomplishing a rigid accredited training curriculum and passing a licensure exam. In order to obtain a generous amount of wage and a decent job from a first-class employer, make an effort to get licensed although this may not be a need. The title of Certified Phlebotomy Technician or Registered Phlebotomy Technician alone is already sufficient reward for all the efforts and sacrifices made in getting there.

There is no doubt that the interest on this job has increased incredibly. And with all of these opportunities, levels of competition will surely be tough. Thus, it is up to you hopefuls on how to remain on top of the hunt.

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